Let me back up just a tad. We to 56.5-acres in Southern Middle Tennessee in August 2016. Through the cold months we worked on the house and played musical boxes and musical kitchen. The kitchen was gutted and it doesn't look like the kitchen will be done until Winter 2017. Old carpeting and vinyl were replaced with hardwood flooring. All of the rooms were patched, primed, and painted. The existing hardwood was refinished and stained to match the new hardwood. We added a wood burning stove to leverage the bounty of wood on the property as a fuel source and we added propane direct vent heaters as a backup. All of the outlets and switches have been replaced and a couple minor wiring hazards were fixed. We learned all about 4-way switches and switched outlets. We added plenty of safety and emergency bits like fire extinguishers, well-stocked first aid kit, and explosive gas detectors. The undercarriage of the house was inspected and we addressed minor microbial growth and repaired the crawl space door to keep four-legged critters from making the space a cozy home. The list could go on but the work on the interior is wrapping up for now so we can work outside.

Okay, now. We are working outside when it's not raining. Repairing the deck, cleaning the gutters, prepping and painting the exterior trim, power-washing the exterior siding, and a few minor repairs. Firewood stacking and chimney sweeping. Chicken, duck, and geese accommodations to design and build. Just a small kitchen garden this year and plenty of forest foraging. Morels, nettles, fiddleheads, wild onions... There are many new to me plants and old plant friends to enjoy in the forest. Privet is bountiful so plenty of time will be dedicated to redirecting and replacing this wildly opportunistic participant that easily swallows up the forest understory. I am hoping for a bit of time to bird watch and go on weed walks. Meanwhile, Dale is working on getting his workshop organized.

There are a couple of pesky things that are still on that darn list. I started a podcast a bit ago and I plan to get that going again. I haven't solved the water storage dilemma. And I've failed at settling on a schedule for anything.

Lastly and importantly, I continue my 8-year run without mainstream news. I've ditched social media to allow more time to write letters to folks and read books. Feel free to DM me via Instagram or email me if you want to connect or just ask a question.

Updated: 24 April 2017

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