Dale and I moved to 56.5-acres in Southern Middle Tennessee in August 2016. Of course, everyone wants to know why we left San Diego. We moved for a bunch of reasons including the cost of living, climate, and the opportunity to pursue our interests. 

We've been busy working on the house and playing musical boxes while squeezing in some time to walk and observe. The work on the house is coming along nicely. We still have both bathrooms to work on, plenty of trim to stain and install, bookcases to build, painting, and a few more rounds of musical boxes. We've got a couple critical infrastructure elements that we need to address: water storage and water heating.

I started a podcast a bit ago and I am working on getting that going again. Right now the top of my list includes working on a forest management plan, getting a kitchen garden planned and planted, adding ducks and chickens, and writing. I continue my 7-year run without mainstream news and I've basically ditched social media to allow more time to write letters to folks and read books

Updated: 20 January 2017

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