What is WWOOF?

World Wide Opportunities on Farms (WWOOF-USA) connects people (WWOOFers) who want to contribute work to farms, ranches, community gardens, homesteads, ecovillages, etc. with farms, ranches, community gardens, homesteads, ecovillages, etc. (host sites) that need help. We view WWOOFers not as a labor pool but rather as an opportunity for culture and skill exchange with people from around the world.

WWOOFing at 107 Garden

We want to inspire and educate WWOOFers about rural homesteading and making that transition from urban to rural living. We are not farmers growing for market but homesteaders making and doing for ourselves and teaching others along the way. Opportunities to WWOOF with us are very limited and we put considerable time and effort into hosting. We want you to depart feeling that you have learned real stuff that is applicable in real life.

If you are interested in WWOOFing with us, please apply through the WWOOF-USA site. We plan to begin hosting again in late 2017.

Aaron Glasson (New Zealand)

Mural created by Aaron Glasson

Aaron brought a unique talent to 107 Garden: Creativity! He created a mural covering the entire back of our house that faces the garden!

My time WOOFFing 107 Gardens was nothing but wonderful. Their home is a peaceful abode and inspiring example of urban permaculture in action. I fell in love with the edible local plants a plenty, home brewed Kombucha, and dog named Roxy. For my side of the WOOFFing exchange I painted a mural on the house inspired by the family and the farm. I feel blessed for my time there and to have adored their home with my work.
— Aaron Glasson

Check out Aaron's art! He also designed the logo for Permaculture Velocity. Aaron continues to spread his art far and wide working on installations and murals around the world. We look forward to him visiting us in Tennessee.

Robin & Sharone (New York, New York)

Robin and Sharone WWOOFed at 107 two times! Apparently they didn't get enough hard work the first time !  after the second visit they headed off on a cross country bike ride!

Robin and Sharone busted ass helping us remove a concrete patio. Look at those unknowing smiles!

107 Garden will reawaken your sense of wonder about the environment around you. It is truly inspiring to see and experience endless possibilities to live in a more harmonious, sustainable way. We are so grateful to Soiree for opening her space, sharing a wealth of knowledge, and proving small steps can led to big changes over time. We look forward to applying what we learned at home in New York, meaning 107 Garden grows far beyond its San Diego setting.
— Robin & Sharone

Robin continues to dazzle us with her ongoing efforts to help people and change the world! Sharone is pursuing a professional career as an art director. He also designed the logo for 107 Garden. And because they had so much fun the first time with us, they came back for another visit.

Barbara (Spain)

Barbara sowing seeds in soil blocks

barbara, marine biologist, scuba diving

I stayed in 107 Garden for more than 3 weeks and it was awesome! Soiree worked hard before I arrived and she has planned all the activities that I could be interested in. I enjoyed the most when she taught me how to make soil blocks, how to pressure canning and how to grow kombucha. She is very knowledgeable and we spend a lot of time talking about how to reuse greywater from the laundry and which are the advantages of doing yourself instead of buying, and of course about the chickens coop that they built (I have never seen before a design-chickens coop). Besides working I had free time on the afternoons to see the area: Balboa Park, Sunset Cliffs... and one weekend I was able to go scuba diving to the amazing kelp forest! I own a car, but you will be able to visit places by bus or by bike there too. I recommend 107 Garden to anyone interested in learning about homesteading.
— Barbara

Barbara is working as a marine biologist for an aquarium in Florida.